Comfortable renting out your accommodation?

Do you feel comfortable renting out your accommodation? 13% of Sweden’s population rented a private accommodation online in the past year, but only just under 2% rented out their own accommodation.

Thanks to Mosaic and Kantar Sifo’s Orvesto Consumer Survey , we can create insights about rental trends for services such as Airbnb and Homeaway.

Two groups stand out among those who use rental services. The largest group is the young cosmopolitan and conscious pioneers who think it is natural to participate in a sharing economy. They not only take part in the finesse of experiencing a new city from a local’s perspective, but they also offer others the same opportunity in their own home. Then we have the group who gladly rent a private accommodation them selves but preferably don’t rent out their own. In this group we see more families with children.

Overall, we see a spread in income levels, the common factors being trend sensitivity and social awareness. Renting a private accommodation is not a budget issue, it’s part of the journey, a way of experiencing.

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