Segmentation Portal

Segmentation Portal™

An online target group tool for Mosaic™

The Segmentation Portal™ gives you all the information you need in your daily work on the different Mosaic™ lifestyles.

A unique tool that helps your company understand your customers and the market. Segmentation Portal™ Sweden provides a visualized and detailed picture of Swedish consumers and their demographic characteristics, lifestyle and behavior. In the portal you can get acquainted with Sweden’s 44 distinct lifestyle types and 14 overall groups. Each Swedish adult falls into one of these 44 lifestyle types.

Features and usage

Analyze groups and types based on demographics and attributes such as age, gender, economy and children.

Compare groups and types to find contrasts.

Understand what other segments are similar to your ideal customers and expand your reach.

Understand areas using detailed geographic heat maps for each group and type.

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Why work with Segmentation Portal™?

Explore your segments

Get insights on Mosaic Groups and Types through visual elements, textual descriptions and statistical information. The different segments can be arranged at group, type or postal code level.

What lifestyle and life stage are your customers in? What does their economy, housing form, car ownership and family situation look like? What interests characterize them?

Compare groups and types

Get to know similarities and differences between Mosaic Groups and Types based on statistical information. What are the differences between the different lifestyles?

Identify your target audience

Build an understanding of your ideal customers and identify which segments you should target. Understand what other segments are similar to your ideal customers and expand your reach.

Find twins and discover new insights on how to effectively reach them in different channels.

Work across national borders

Segmentation Portal™ is country-specific and is currently available in several markets, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, UK and USA.

Build a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what audiences you should be aiming for.

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