SAM Insights

SAM Insights

A completely new way of looking at your online traffic.

Combine Mosaic Lifestyles with your Online Data and act more strategically in your digital channels.

By using the SAM service, you as a site owner can add information such as purchasing power, lifestyle, housing form, car ownership and family situation to your online crowd and create a clearer picture of your web traffic and what it means for your business.

Combine Mosaic with your Online Data

By connecting your online visitors to specific Mosaic audiences, you can create personalized communication that address the visitor’s preferences and driving forces.

You will also gain insight into which campaigns are attracting which target groups, who become customers, who don’t, and the possibility of directing programmatic advertising to the different groups.

Understanding the people behind your online visits, gives you the opportunity for more strategic and accurate communication and digital campaigns with better results.

Use your insights in programmatic advertising

Marketing left and right belongs to yesterday, especially if we’re talking digital marketing. Today it’s important to find the right message for the right customer at the right time.

The unique thing about SAM Insights is that the insights you gain can be directly translated into programmatic marketing through Nordic Data Resources target groups – Mosaic Online. These groyps are available in all DSPs in the Nordic market.

Features and usage

1. Who are your customers?

If you haven’t worked with lifestyle data and socio-economic data before then SAM is the perfect starting point.

Create a picture of your market position through a simple file upload that is GDPR safe. Use your customers’ postal code to get an overall picture of your customers versus your market.

2. Analyse your web traffic

Applying the same market data on your website visitors, makes them comparable to your customers and you can see the customer behind the click.

See which segments convert from visitor to customer. Easy to implement with a light script on the site. Now you have taken an important step towards activating your insights.

3. Promote yourself to the right audience

Now you know which market segments are most relevant to your brand and offering.

You can see the potential in the market and you can steer your marketing towards exactly the right customer group. This allows you to turn your insights into actual activities and start making money from the insights you created.

3 ways to get started with SAM

Do a GDPR secure customer analysis

Start with an overall customer analysis based on postal codes. This way you don’t have to include GDPR in the mix. Create an XSLX file for your customers with one zip code per customer and one zip code per line. Upload the file in SAM and in a few moments you will have a basic analysis of your customer base.

Start analysing your visitors

Download our script and put it on your site. With this script you will be able to compare your customers with your visitors, see which consumer groups are attracted to your offers and thus understand which ones convert to customers. But perhaps more importantly: who aren’t becoming customers.

Act on your insights

When you have a picture of your customers and your visitors and can put them in a market perspective, then you have the opportunity to act. Manage your marketing, personalize your digital channels and enrich your CRM with the same dataset at every stage and in all activities. Start optimizing, serving your customers and increasing your growth.

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Create a clearer picture of your web traffic, who visits your pages and what it means for your business.

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