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Current customer data with high relevance

Is your customer data up to date? Well-organized and updated customer data creates the basis for good marketing work. In addition to address information and data on customer purchases, the customer data can be so much more.

By adding third-party data to the customer base, you gain insight into what your customers are doing when they are not shopping from you. It can become one of your most important marketing tools when used in the right way.

Make your customer data more than just an address book.

What data do I need?

The first question you should ask yourself is what data do you actually need. By keeping track of your customers’ lifestyle and needs, you can create optimized marketing campaigns that lead to more sales and customer loyalty.

It’s important that basic information is updated so that you can keep in touch with customers. For example an API solution towards the Swedish Tax Agency that keeps track of the population registration address ensures that you always have the current address information of your customers.

Enriched customer attributes

Adding relevant consumer attributes to you customer base can give you important knowledge about marketing attributes that can improve your results. Do your customers have a family with children or are they single-family households? What do their financials look like? Do they own or rent their accommodation? Do they own a car or other vehicle?

This type of data can help you identify new patterns, make better predictions, and help you create targeted campaigns with differentiated communication.

Combine internal customer data with purchased data

By integrating smart data into your CRM processes, you can further optimize your campaigns. With the right data in place, you can create relevance in your communication, as well as increase the accuracy of finding and reaching new customers in the market.

We help you develop solutions tailored to your particular business so you can squeeze the juice out of your customer data and focus on the right things. We make sure that the data you have about your customers is structured in a simple way, can be used as a basis for various forms of reports and campaigns and that all data is kept updated in a simple and automated way.

With deeper insight into the person behind the data, your business can grow and reach new heights.

Make sure that your customer data is handled correctly

With the new rules around GDPR that specify how personal data and other data can be handled, it is very important to ensure that all customer data is handled securely and that there are clear procedures for how they should be updated or removed if necessary.

When you work with us, you can feel safe. We are members of the industry organization SWEDMA and follow their guidelines regarding good practice in handling customer data. These extend beyond what is stated in the GDPR and ensure a high level of privacy. Read more about our data security.

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With the right customer data in place, your business can grow and reach new heights.

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