Data enrichment and customer insight in realtime.

With our cloud-based products, you can independently work with target group analysis, campaign selection and follow-up, automated reporting etc.

We dress your customers with lifestyle, values and driving forces and make it possible for you to reach them in all channels.

Enjoy the freedom to access our data when you need it.

Would you benefit from knowing any of the following in real-time about your prospects/existing customers?

Family composition


Children in household

Car ownership



Analytics Tools with Mosaic™

Segmentation Portal™

SAM Insights

API Solution

Alteryx Gallery

Segmentation Portal™

Segmentation Portal™ is an encyclopedia that provides you with all the information you need in your daily work with Mosaic™ Lifestyles. The tool is web-based and helps you build a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what audience you should strive for.

SAM Insights

An entirely new way of looking at Online traffic, linking Mosaic™ lifestyles to website visitors & customers, marketing and CMS.

With Strategic Audience Map (SAM), you as a site owner can add new dimensions to online visitors and see the person behind the clicks, page views and visits. We add information such as purchasing power, lifestyle, accommodation, car ownership and family situation to create a clearer picture of your web traffic and what it means for your business.

API Solution

With our API service, you can automate addition of external data to your customer data in real-time. The service gives you the opportunity to evaluate and sort your customers and prospects in real-time in order to communicate relevant content in the right moment.

Alteryx Gallery

Alteryx Analytics Gallery is a revolutionary product that helps data analysts create and distribute analytics applications. The product enables the company’s decision makers to quickly and easily engage with analytics applications and insights created by analytics teams.

Freedom to access our data when you need it.

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