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The heart of data-driven marketing lies in customer insight and better data.

Secure your data quality. value-added data that complements your customer database.

The quality of your customer data lays the foundation for your marketing efforts. Do you want to know who has just moved, who has a car or a child? Or simply make sure the contact information in your customer directory is current?

• Integrate smart data into your CRM processes
• Optimize your campaigns with external data
• API solutions against for example the Tax Agency
• Enrich with Consumer Attributes*
o - Family (family relationship, children, life phase)
o - Economy (household income, payment remarks, capital surplus and deficit)
o - Accommodation (type of accommodation and ownership)
o - Car ownership (number of cars, mileage)

*The attributes are developed at the residential ID level and consist of modeled data that has a hit accuracy of 90-99.9%. The attributes are at individual, household and address level, but data delivered is, like Mosaic, not to be considered personal data and thus GDPR compliant.
is an approach that refines and differentiates a group of individuals; whether they are loyal customers or attractive prospects.
With our segmentation and analysis services we can help you better understand your customers and prospects, their preferences and their buying behavior. We tie your customer database to the market which creates opportunities both in and outside your current customer base.
Find the right audience using Mosaic Lifestyle Classification and gain insight about their values, behaviors and media usage.

Mosaic™ Sweden is based on analysis of the latest trends in social development in Sweden and gives you the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of your audience and the consumers you want to communicate with. Sweden's households are classified in 44 distinct lifestyles and 14 overarching groups. The classification is available at household level* for customer and target group analysis and at geographic level (103,000 Mosaic™ areas) for analysis of geographical locations and catchment areas. Read more about Mosaic.
*Mosaic is not to be considered personal data and thus GDPR compliant.
Convert your big data into smart data, creating valuable and actionable insights about your customers and your market. By having the right data focus, you can best find and reach your target audience and make your marketing more effective.

• Identify and reach new customers
• Develop existing customer relationships
• Data Structure & Modeling
• Risk and credit assessment
• Location decisions
Not sure how to best utilize data in your marketing work?

We help you simplify your analysis work and gain control over your processes. We work with you on a strategic, tactical and operational level and learn how to use our tools to work with audience analysis, campaign management, response analysis, follow up, and automated reporting.
Workshops lead to dedication and motivation!

Through different tasks and scenarios, we teach you how to best utilize the data-driven insights, both strategically, tactically and operatively in your marketing efforts. A workshop helps you to develop new ideas and ways of thinking, as well as to anchor the actual insights into the work group.

Workshop themes: Prospects, Analysis of the current situation, CRM

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