API Solution

API solution

Continuous updates of quality data.

Evaluate and sort your customers in real time with the freedom to buy data the moment you need it. With our API solution you can automatically add external data to your customer data in real time. The service gives you the opportunity to evaluate and sort your customers in real time in order to communicate relevant content in the moment. Data is provided on request, giving you the freedom to buy data when you need it.

Addable data


Lifestyle & interests

Children in household

Car ownership



How does an API work?

Step 1

Existing or potential customer initiates contact and provide personal information.

Step 2

You submit any of the following personal information:

* Telephone number

* Address

* ID number

Step 3

Our API connects your customer information with requested data and sends the enriched customer data back to you.

Step 4

Now you can make smarter automated decisions in your communication, offerings, content etc.

Step 5

Your communication with customers and prospects is more relevant with increased business value and conversion rate.

What can the API solution be used for?

The API solution can be used in many different ways and is always shaped according to your needs. Below you will find some examples.

Potential customer

You sell cars.

You have just launched a new premium car. Your target group has both economic opportunity and interest in buying the car. Through your website, potential customers can apply for a test drive by filling in their personal information. The data is sent to our API solution for data enrichment to ensure the correct prospect profiles get the best time slots for the test drive.

New Customer

You sell clothes.

A new customer has just registered as a result of their first purchase through your Webshop. In connection to the purchase, the customer’s address is automatically sent to the API cloud which, after data enrichment, shows that the person lives in a household with two adults and children in a certain age span. The welcome email is customized with offers that fit that household profile. At the same time, you enrich your own customer database with this information so that the customer can receive more relevant communication, even with very little transaction history.

Existing customer

You sell insurance.

An existing customer calls your customer service to terminate their home insurance. With the help of our API, your customer service immediately knows that the person in question lives in a single household, owns their accommodation and a car. Your customer service offers a more favorable home insurance package in combination with a car insurance in order to retain the customer.

Freedom to buy data the moment you need it.

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