Segmentation for powerful and smart marketing.

Segmentation or market segmentation is about dividing your existing and potential customers into segments that make it easier to create powerful and effective marketing that appeals to each target group. By understanding the differences and similarities between your customers, you can create communication that address the customer’s real preferences and driving forces. Your messages will feel more personal and genuine when you understand the customer’s needs and desires.


Do you know which segment each customer belongs to?

This is how we segment

We mainly use Mosaic™, a tool for lifestyle-based segmentation. Customers and the market are divided into 44 lifestyle types and 14 general groups. Each adult Swedish is allocated into one of these 44 types and thus the model gives us important insights for developing suitable solutions and communication for each type of customer. Our segmentation describes different groups’ attitudes, purchasing power and purchasing habits based on both interests, finances and family situation as well as their social background and educational level, technology maturity and more.

Segmentation with Mosaic™ makes it possible to apply both data in your existing customer database and data from the market as a whole. Continuous work with Mosaic™ as a foundation allows your strategies to have an impact at the operational level, in campaigns and communication. The lifestyle-based segmentation allows you to follow up the strategic objectives with the help of operational data – Mosaic™ linking strategy and operation.

Optimize your marketing budget

“Say it, don’t spray it”. Marketing left and right belongs to yesterday, especially when it comes to marketing in digital media. Today it’s important to find the right message for the right customer at the right moment. We help you ensure that each customer is placed into the right segments where their needs and driving forces are clearly defined. You also have the opportunity to look at how preferences change according to life phase, whether it’s moving to another area or a change in finances. By communicating the right message to the right person, the effect of your marketing activities will be greater. You will be able to relate the results of the activities to each target group, and adjust and optimize the communication and selection accordingly.

Reach new customers with efficient segmentation

Segmentation can be used on existing customers as well as on potential new customers. By applying Mosaic™ to your customers as well as to the market at large, you can quickly figure out the potential in each segment. A twin analysis can be very effective if you know which of your customers are profitable and in which segments they are. We help you make this connection to the market so that you can easily find new profitable customers. As you know through Mosaic™ the differences and driving forces of the segments, you will be able to adapt communication and offers to this in the new customer’s processing. Our analytics and segmentation services provide you with customer insights that help you better understand the buying behavior and preferences of both customers and prospects, which in turn will help you market smarter.

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