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Customer insight with roots in good data.

Turn customer data into valuable insights about your customers and your market. Who should you spend your ad budget on, where place your next store and how do you reach your twins? The better you understand your customers the smarter your marketing will be. 

Take you marketing from insight to action with the help of data.


Segmentation is an approach that nuances and differentiates a group of individuals; whether they are loyal customers or attractive prospects.

With our segmentation and analysis services, we can help you better understand your customers and prospects. You will gain insight into, among other things, their lifestyle, preferences and buying behavior. We link your customer database to the market and ensure that your way of working creates opportunities both inside and outside your current customer base.


We help you identify and reach new customers with the right message in the right channel. By enriching your data, you can assess the potential of your target audience as well as the extent to which it exists in the market. We find your most profitable prospects in the market and give you insight into which segments need further work.

Area analysis

Area analysis

Area analysis provides insight into which people and what potential exists within a particular area. Frequently asked questions that an area analysis answers:

Where is the purchasing power? What is the competitive situation in the area? Where should we set up our next store? What potential exists in the area and how should we differentiate our offers in different areas? With a deeper understanding of who lives in your chosen area, you can create target group-adapted communication that touches and engages.

Smart data

By adding third-party data to your customer base, you gain insight into what your customers are doing when they are not shopping from you. It can become one of your most important marketing tools if used properly. This type of data helps you identify new patterns, make sharper predictions, and help you create targeted campaigns with differentiated communication.


From algoritm to AI model.

AI is based on good data. We develop models for customer- and data driven decision making. For example, models for predictive analysis or different kinds of applications for automatic decisions.

Customer insight through data enrichment

What do your customers do when they aren’t shopping from you?

What kind of economy, housing, car ownership and family situation do they have? What interests characterize them and where are they located geographically? What similarities and differences are there among your customers?

Data enrichment gives you deeper insight into the person behind the transaction and opens up new opportunities for relevant offers and communication throughout the customer journey.

Relevant communication with Mosaic

Reach your customers and prospects in the right channel.

With the right data in place, you increase hit accuracy.

We help you map your customers’ lifestyles and channel choices with the help of Mosaic™, so you can reach your specific segments in the right channel with customized offers and communication.

Make smarter decisions about which channels to use and what to communicate. The various Mosaic™ segments can be reached via digital advertising, via the mailbox, via Social Media, via SMS and outdoor advertising.

By linking Mosaic™ to your website, you can also map your online visitors, optimize the content according to the visitors lifestyle and interests and evaluate who is actually responding to your campaigns.

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Working smart with your customer data is crucial if you want to get the best effect from your marketing activities.

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