Lifestyle-based segmentation.

Mosaic™ provides the opportunity to see the person “behind the customer” and understand their needs and driving forces.

Mosaic™ describes the interests, attitudes, purchasing power and buying habits, family situations, housing types, levels of education and surfing habits both in the existing customer base and in the market as a whole.


Lifestyle, values, buying decisions and surfing behavior based on data and statistics.

Mosaic™ is the world’s leading data-driven consumer classification that paints a clear picture of your customers at household level. The consumer classification is country-specific and is available in all Nordic countries and in more than 30 countries globally.

Mosaic™ Sweden.

Mosaic™ Sweden is based on analysis of the latest trends in social development in Sweden, a comprehensive range of high-quality data, statistics and a patented methodology for cluster analysis. The lifestyle classification is validated and backed up by analysis and conclusions of data from recognized market research.

Sweden’s households are classified into 44 distinct lifestyle types and 14 overall groups. Every Swedish adult falls into one of these 44 lifestyles.

44 lifestyle types and 14 groups.

Download the Mosaic™ brochure for deeper insight into the various Swedish lifestyles.

Mosaic™ lifestyles.

Mosaic Lifestyles gives you a nuanced and comprehensive picture of your customers’ choices, preferences and habits, giving you a unique foundation for developing products, communications and offers.

Do they live in the country side or in the city, do they rent or own their housing, are they single or in a relationship, do they have children in the household, what’s their education, what’s their financial situation, are green values important to them or is it price that rules, do they adapt easily to new products and technology or are they more traditionally bound, in which media are they most receptive to communication, what do they do in their spare time, etc.

Play on preferences and exceed their expectations.



Insights about what your customers do when they aren’t buying from you, gives you a customer understanding that helps you become more relevant in your communication and offers.

Relevant communication with Mosaic™.

Use Mosaic™ to reach your target audience in all media, formats and devices. You can direct everything from DM mailings and SMS to digital ads and Digital Out of Home advertising to one or more Mosaic™ segments. Mosaic™ ensures that you communicate with the same target groups regardless of the channel.

Reach your Mosaic segments in all channels.


Audience-driven purchase of programmatic ads. Place all of your digital ads on one or more Mosaic™ segments. We work with Nordic Data Resources (NDR), which is leading in the Nordic countries in terms of reaching target groups digitally.



DM & TM.

Reach your Mosaic™ audiences via mailbox or phone. We cooperate with Eniro, a leading search company for individuals and companies, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland.




Social Media.

Social media is a good complement to other channels. Reach your Mosaic™ segments and target groups on Facebook and Instagram.




Nå dina Mosaic™-målgrupper via SMS. Vår samarbetspartner LINK Mobility hanterar 6,3 miljarder budskap per år. Meddelanden som innehåller fakturor, betalningar, specialerbjudanden, kuponger, kundlojalitetsprogram och annan information som paketleveranser, flygplan, banktjänster mm.


Which lifestyles visit your website? With the help of cookie data you can easily analyze which Mosaic™ groups and types visit your website and which ones convert. Track campaigns and customize content for the person behind the browser. The service has been developed in collaboration with NDR and Digital Brain Nordic.


You can now target outdoor advertising to your Mosaic™ segments. VisualArt profiles all central stations and shopping centers with Mosaic™ data-in-depth insights on lifestyle, behavior and consumption. VisualArt has Sweden’s largest DOOH network, with digital screens at over 120 central stations, shopping centers and airports around the country.


Mosaic in different countries.

Mosaic™ is available at Nordic and global level, which makes it possible to coordinate the marketing work across national borders.

In the Nordic region, InsightOne has the exclusive user rights to Mosaic™.



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