Lifestyle-based segmentation.

Mosaic™ in a nutshell.

Mosaic™ is the world’s leading data-driven consumer classification tool that paints a clear picture of your customers on a household level*. The segmentation tool provides increased insight into consumer lifestyles, purchasing behavior and media consumption, both in the existing customer base and on the market as a whole. The analysis and segmentation platform is country-specific and also available at Nordic and global level, which enables coordinating market work across national borders.

*Mosaic is not to be considered personal data and thus GDPR compliant.

Lifestyles, values ​​and buying behavior based on data and statistics.

Mosaic™ Sweden.

Mosaic ™ Sweden is based on analysis on the latest trends in social development in Sweden, an extensive amount of high-quality data, statistics and a patented cluster analysis methodology. The lifestyle classification is validated and backed by analysis and conclusions of data from recognized market research. Mosaic classifies Sweden’s households in 44 distinct lifestyles and 14 overall groups, providing insight into what motivates the behavior and priorities of various consumer groups.

Download the Mosaic™ brochure for a deeper insight into the various Swedish lifestyles.

Mosaic™ lifestyles.

Mosaic Lifestyles gives you a nuanced and comprehensive picture of your customers’ choices, preferences and habits. Do they live in the country side or in the city, do they rent or own their housing, are they single or in a relationship, do they have children in the household, what’s their education, what’s their financial situation, are green values important to them or is it price that rules, do they adapt easily to new products and technology or are they more traditionally bound, in which media are they most receptive to advertising, what do they do in their spare time, etc. Insights about what your customer does when she’s not shopping from you, gives you a customer understanding that helps you become more relevant in your communication and in your offers.

You can play on things that are important to your particular customer/prospect and exceed their expectations.

Mosaic Lifestyles are available at household level for customer and target audience analysis (market communication decisions) and at geographic level for geographical and location analysis (location decisions). Each Swedish adult falls into one of these 44 lifestyles.


What lifestyles are shopping from you?

DM and digital communication with Mosaic™.

Communicate with Mosaic™.

Use Mosaic™ to reach your audience in all media, formats and devices. Did you know that you can place all your digital ads on one or more Mosaic™ segments?

Mosaic™ DM

Reach your Mosaic™ audiences via mailbox or phone. We cooperate with Eniro, a leading search company for individuals and companies with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland.

Mosaic™ Social Media

We’ll help you reach your Mosaic™ segments and audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Social media is a good complement to other channels and we make sure you communicate with the same audience regardless of channel.

Mosaic™ SMS

Reach your Mosaic™ audiences via SMS. Our partner LINK Mobility handles 6.3 billion messages per year. Messages containing invoices, payments, special offers, coupons, customer loyalty programs and other information such as package deliveries, airplane bookings, banking services, etc.

Mosaic™ Programmatic

Audience-driven purchase of programmatic ads.

You can place all of your digital ads on one or more Mosaic™ segments. We work with Nordic Data Resources (NDR), which is leading in the Nordic countries in terms of reaching the target groups digitally.


Mosaic™ DOOH

In cooperation with InsightOne, Visual Art profiles all the central stations and shoppingmalls included in their OOH-network with Mosaic data – insights about the consumers’ lifestyle, behavior and consumtion.
Visual Art has Sweden’s largest DOOH network, with digital displays of over 120 central stations, shopping centers and airports around the country.

Mosaic™ Online

Match your website visitors with Mosaic using Insight Dashboard. Using cookie data, you can easily analyze which Mosaic groups and types are visiting your website. The Dashboard can be used to visualize your most important KPIs, provide a deeper picture of your customers and serve as a basis for your media agency. We have developed the product in cooperation with MktMedia.

The better you understand your customers, the stronger your marketing can be.

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