Visual Art dresses the crowd with Mosaic

Targeted mass communication – Visual Art pioneers in DOOH

Now Visual Art brings advertisers the opportunity to get to know the big crowd. In cooperation with InsightOne, they profile all the central stations and shoppingmalls included in their OOH-network with Mosaic data – insights about the consumers’ lifestyle, behavior and consumtion.

To know the consumer has always been of great importance for media buyers. For several years, cookie data has been a well-used tool within the digital industry, yet the technique hasn’t been suitable for digital out of home actors.  Although, the media buyers’ needs stays the same, and we’re all aware that knowledge and access to information about the target group is directly connected to optimized investments and maximal campaign affinity.

Biggest DOOH network in Sweden

Visual Art possesses the biggest DOOH network in Sweden, with digital screens placed in over 120 central stations, shoppingmalls and airports across the country.

– Being the first OOH actor that adds this kind of profilized data to our entire network feels truly amazing, says Hoss Kosravi, CRO at Visual Art. Being able to ”dress” the crowd and make it possible for our advertisers to see who they’re addressing is something that we’ve been aiming for a long time – and now we’re finally here.

– Even though I believe that outdoor will always be a mass media that reaches the big crowd, I’m convinced that this kind of initiatives brings new possibilities to the table, both for us at Visual Art and our clients. The Mosaic data has also been integrated with our programmatic structure, which enables the usage of lifestyle information for programmatic purchases, Hoss continues.

Christoffer Jörgensen at InsightOne says:

– By combining smart data sets, InsightOne has developed an innovative and geo-spatial solution. It increases the relevance and makes it possible for Visual Art’s clients to use Out of home advertising in a whole new way – as a targeted media. We are happy to see that Visual Art is challenging the existing boundaries through data driven technique.

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