LINK Mobility partner with InsightOne

LINK Mobility partner with InsightOne – New partnership driving strong client value from consumer insights

LINK Mobility Group (LINK) and InsightOne (ION) have established a strong and complementary partnership for the Nordics within data solutions and data products. By signing an agreement about business collaboration and joint communication and sales efforts, both parties are looking into a fruitful relationship with huge potential.

About the partnership, Geir Olav Iversen from ION, says: “Bringing together platforms and expertise from both businesses, makes it possible to develop and deliver better and more unique data solutions, data products and communication services in a constantly changing consumer market”.

The systematic work with data collection and data usage enables clients across industries and sectors to communicate more targeted across platforms, channels and audiences – creating a powerful and valuable convergence between businesses and customers in a highly competitive market.

Consequently, LINK has successfully built a strong Mobile Intelligence platform for consumer insights, data-driven decisions and targeted marketing activities. A platform that has come into place with the increasing demand for shifting from traditional and simple messaging to multi- and omni-channel setups based on more extensive conversational messaging interfaces and services.

Today, LINK handles more than 6,3 billion messages a year. Messages carrying invoices, payments, special offers, coupons, customer loyalty programs and other information like package deliveries, flight schedules, banking services etc.

In close relation to this, Thomas W. Köhl from LINK, explains: “Such self-driven data streams are very valuable and represent a central layer in our new Mobile Intelligence platform, adding unique insights into mobile behaviours across industries and sectors, platforms and audiences, existing customer databases and the general market. Another important layer in our platform is based on ION’s classification tool, Mosaic™.”

Geir Olav Iversen, elaborates: “Mosaic is the world’s most comprehensive of its kind. It helps our clients and partners with data insights within consumer segments, socio-demographics, lifestyle, buying behaviour and values, on a household level”.

“In this respect”, says Thomas W. Köhl, “the integration of Mosaic™ and our Mobile Intelligence platform composes a unique LINK mobile classification model. A specific segmentation tool for the mobile market, where clients – based on the matching of own specific customer data and more general consumer and market data – can help them reach full business potential and generate new revenue streams”.

The partnership between LINK and ION offers a unique approach to data and provides deep insights into consumer and customer profile data, real-time data, location, behaviour, purchase history, needs and preferences, empowering clients with consistent cross-channel communications and effective marketing activities – helping them win over, retain and grow customers.

For more information, contact:

Geir Olav Iversen, Managing Director & Partner
InsightOne Nordic
Mob: +47 90188946

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