InsightOne & Brain launch new service – SAM Insights

SAM Insights – Linking Mosaic Lifestyles to web visitors & customers, marketing and CMS.

Through Strategic Audience Map (SAM) the Mosaic Lifestyles (market-leading consumer classification) are applicable to web visitors and online customers.

By using the SAM service, site owners can add a new dimension to their visitors, enabling them to see the person behind the clicks, page views and visits. Add information such as purchasing power, lifestyle, housing, car ownership and family situation to create a clearer picture of your web traffic and what it means for your business.

Combine Mosaic Lifestyles with your Online Data

Be more strategical in your digital channels by combining Mosaic Lifestyles with your Online Data. We offer export and integration to your various business systems so that you can use all your data, in all channels and systems. Unlike other online actors, transparency and insights are created in-house, not in the supplier’s algorithms.

SAM enables you to:

  • Integrate external data with your CMS for more relevant customer experiences
  • Connect SAM to your CRM data to add online information about your customers
  • Sync Online customers to identify your most profitable customer segments
  • Move from insight to action immediately by placing ads on the customer segments you find most attractive

From Insight to Action

The unique thing about SAM Insights is that the insights you gain can be converted directly into programmatic marketing through Mosaic Online. Available on all DSPs in the Nordic market.

We offer a dataset that can be applied both strategically and practically for outbound and inbound marketing towards customers, visitors and prospects.

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