InsightOne invests digitally

InsightOne Nordic invests digitally through Mktmedia AB, Swedish morning press’s former development company

InsightOne Nordic takes further steps in its digital investments through joint ownership in Mktmedia AB and the data acquisition platform Brain. InsightOne can now offer leading digital targeting for online advertising and help its customers use their CRM data online and vice versa. The ambition with Brain is to be an alternative to Facebook and Google in the Nordic advertising market. Brain’s audience-driven advertising is based on local, current and qualitative data, enabling you to reach the right customers in the right moment.

Together with MktMedia, InsightOne has developed the Brain target group service, which data and target group management enables both publishers and advertisers to direct their digital communications towards specific target groups. The Brain platform combines online data about users with InsightOne processed data from public records on economy, family situation, housing and car owners. The combination of online and off-line data enables a hit-to-target audience management of digital ads. Through its unique Data Enrichment Platform (DEP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), InsightOne now offers its market-leading data enrichment services in the digital channels.

InsightOne can now offer all its customers:

  • Cookie notification – Increased accuracy and connectivity with customers and prospects
  • Consumer Insight – Enrichment of customers’ actual online interests and behaviors
  • Digital Twin Analysis – Increased accuracy against prospects Online
  • Data Onboarding – Digitally addressed customer mailings
  • Mosaic Targeting – You can control your Mosaic online audiences with the same accuracy as the mailbox

– “It feels great to launch an easy-to-use tool that really fills a gap in the market and delivers business value for both advertisers and publishers. The ability to combine custom customer data with structured online data and refined demographic data also gives advertisers increased returns on their investments in CRM / Marketing Automation and DMPs, explains Johan Lundin, Insight Solution Director & Partner at InsightOne.

Increased demand for better audience management makes Brain the obvious choice for advertisers and publishers to better position themselves against Facebook and Google. Brain audiences are available at Bidtheater, Adform, and Platform161 for those who work directly on these platforms, or through media agencies and trading desks linked to these platforms.

All users in Brain Data Market are anonymous with respect to personal integrity and all data is processed according to PUL and GDPR.

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