What would Sweden look like – If the electric car owners could decide?

Who’s driving the electric cars in Sweden today? Below an insight into what Sweden would look like if the electric car owners could decide.

  • * The Alliance parties would become significantly larger than the red-greens (rödgröna)
    • – The conservative party (Moderaterna) would increas its voter support by 37%.
    • – The left wing (Vänster partiet) would loose half of their voters and the Swedish Democrats (SD) every fourth.
  • * Generally, we would be well-educated with high incomes and not very environmentally interested.
  • * We would live in villas around our larger cities in the south, north of Uppsala would be empty.
  • * We would travel by air to our vacation destinations and our spare time we would spend on the golf course, skiing or playing paddle tennis
  • * The shelves at the grocery store would be empty, since we would shop all our food online, sitting comfortably in the sofa watching play TV and waiting for the home delivery.
  • * We would prefer to order clothes, books and other consumer goods online with one click, instad of shopping at a crowded shopping mall.

The insights into the electric car owners was produced using a Mosaic analysis with data from Kantar-Sifo, Statistics Sweden and the Swedish Transport Agency.

Red = Relatively high proportions

Blue= Relatively low proportions

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