Cloud Services

Data when you need it.

Data enrichment and and customer insight in real time.

With our cloud-based services, you can work with audience analysis, campaign selection, response analysis, follow-up and automated reporting on your own.

Access Mosaic™ data with a few clicks.

Segmentation Portal™

Segmentation Portal™ is an encyclopedia that provides you with all the information you need in your daily work with Mosaic™. The tool is web-based and helps you build a thorough understanding of who your customers are and what audience you should strive for.

Our easy-to-use interface allows you to:

  • –  Analyze groups and types by key demographics and attributes such as age, gender, income and presence of children
  • –  Compare and contrast groups and types
  • –  Understand location/market profiles with detailed geographic heat maps for each group and type







Mosaic™ Audience

Mosaic™ Audience is primarily a tool created for those who already work with Mosaic lifestyles and seek answers to specific consumer attitudes, behaviors and interests. If you have specific criteria for an audience you want to find, understand or reach, the Mosaic™ Audience will help you find the best lifestyles to match your criteria.





Insight Dashboard

Understanding large amounts of data has never been easier! Insight Dashboard clearly visualizes the most important data to facilitate your daily insight.

The Dashboard allows you to visualize your data in combination with InsightOne external data. The information is adapted to your needs and wishes and can be linked to your website, customer base, various registers, etc. The Dashboard can be used to visualize your most important KPIs, provide a deeper picture of your customers and serve as a basis for your media agency.

Data we can enrich with include age, life phase, children, family structure, household income, housing, car ownership, as well as soft qualities like interests and values.



API services

Integrate our data services into your own applications. With our Data on Demand service, you can automate addition of external data to your customer data in real time. The service gives you the opportunity to control in real time eg offer or content to your customers or prospects.

The better you understand your customers, the stronger your marketing can be.

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