Mosaic™ G5 classifies Swedish households in 44 distinct lifestyle types and 14groups overall. The lifestyles give you a nuanced and comprehensive picture of Sweden’s consumer choices, preferences and habits. The classification paints a clear picture of your customers, their socio- demographics, lifestyle, buying behavior and values.

Mosaic™ is the world’s leading consumer rating tool and is used by leading companies around the world to gain insight into consumer lifestyle and behavior, both of the existing customer base and the market in general. The fifth generation Mosaic™ (G5) is adapted to the recent developments in the Swedish society and gives you as a marketers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the consumers you want to communicate with. The tool will help you find the right target groups and gives you insight into the various target groups’ attitudes, behavior and media consumption. By identify, understanding and reaching your audiences, you can more effectively acquire new customers, develop and exploit the potential of existing clients, instill customer loyalty in the customer base and improve your business results.


Mosaic Lifestyles gives you a nuanced and comprehensive picture of your customers’ choices, preferences and habits. Now that people have more choices and more ways to buy, their habits and their loyalty are more important than ever. Each interaction you have with your customers is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and play on preferences. The better you understand your customers, the stronger your marketing can be.


Do they live in the country side or in the city, do they rent or own their housing, are they single or in a relationship, do they have children in the household, what’s their education, what’s their financial situation, are green values important to them or is price that rules, do they adapt easily to new products and technology or are they more traditionally bound, in which media are they most receptive to advertising, what do they do in their spare time, etc. Insights about what your customer does when she’s not shopping from you, gives you a customer understanding that helps you become more relevant in your communication and in your offers. You can play on things that are important to your particular client / prospect and exceed expectations.


Mosaic Lifestyles are available at household level for customer and target audience analysis (market communication decisions) and at geographic level for geographical and location analysis (location decisions). Each Swedish adult falls into one of these 44 lifestyles. What lifestyles are shopping from you?



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